Todos los beneficios de la sandia en la salud

health benefits of watermelon

La sandía es una fruta grande con forma más o menos esférica que se suele consumir cruda como postre. Su pulpa es de color rojizo o amarillento y tiene un sabor dulce. Es un alimento muy refrescante que aporta muy pocas calorías al cuerpo, también aporta algunas vitaminas y minerales. Mas beneficios de la sandia … Leer másTodos los beneficios de la sandia en la salud

Todos los beneficios de la papaya en la salud


La papaya es una fruta tropical que se consume principalmente por su pulpa, que suele ser de color naranja. También se utilizan sus semillas secas. Puede tomarse como fruta fresca, cocida o en diferentes preparaciones como helados, refrescos y jaleas. Es un alimento bajo en calorías y altamente digestivo. Mas beneficios de la papaya AQUÍ. … Leer másTodos los beneficios de la papaya en la salud

Benefits of mandarin on health

  Mandarin is a fruit similar to orange, but smaller and flattened by its base. Its rind is smooth, bright orange-red and very easy to peel, even with your hands. Mandarin is consumed mainly as fresh fruit, although canned mandarin segments are also known. Mandarin is a fruit similar to orange, smaller and slightly flattened … Leer másBenefits of mandarin on health

Benefits of the pear in the health

The pear is a very widespread fruit today all over the world, which is consumed both fresh and cooked, and is available throughout the year. There are numerous cultivated varieties, which vary in shape, size and colour. In addition to the European pear there is a nearby species, the Asian pear or nashi, little known … Leer másBenefits of the pear in the health

Tomato health benefits

The more the tomato is known, the more surprising it becomes. Its essential characteristic is that it is a “survivor” plant, whose fruits possess such healthy properties that laboratories try to encapsulate them in pills. It is believed that 65 million years ago a meteorite crashed on the Yucatan peninsula and generated a cloud that … Leer másTomato health benefits

Benefits of broccoli on health

It may not be the most recommended food, but the benefits of broccoli for our health are undeniable and have always been endorsed by specialists for its healing properties. Why is broccoli so beneficial? According to the specialist Mireia Carbonell, dietitian-nutritionist and food technologist, broccoli differs from other vegetables by containing compounds called glucosinolates and … Leer másBenefits of broccoli on health

Banana health benefits

Its sweet taste, attractive yellow tone and creamy pulp with an unmistakable aroma are a must for the palate, but there is perhaps another reason why the banana has conquered the table of the five continents: this tasty fruit, protected by a hygienic natural wrapper that preserves it from external contamination and facilitates its transport, … Leer másBanana health benefits